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  • Forged for a forever future: Designed with the planet, performance and people  in mind, new ASUS business and education solutions elevate sustainability 
  • ASUS ExpertBook B9403 OLED: Premium, ultralight, durable solution for  business executives and travelers, delivering nonstop productivity and reliability 
  • ASUS BR1102: Rugged, long-lasting, reliable laptop series for modern,  ambitious K-12 students and education environments 

Today at CES 2023, ASUS, the global technology leader renowned for  continuously reimagining today’s technologies for tomorrow, unveils two new commercial solutions — ASUS ExpertBook B9 OLED (B9403CVA) for elite business executives; and the ASUS BR1102 series  (BR1102C and BR1102F) for the education sector — that deliver incredible performance, versatility and  flexibility. These new, sustainably-designed solutions enable nonstop productivity and hybrid learning,  delivering an incredible future in business and education.


ExpertBook B9 OLED provides business executives with an ultra-lightweight, premium design that does  not compromise on performance, durability or security. The rugged and reliable ASUS BR1102 boasts  military-grade durability, a TÜV-certified dynamic display with anti-glare and wide-view, and a compact,  modular design that enables young K-12 learners to study, stream and play continuously. As ASUS  continues to innovate a sustainable future, these two new commercial solutions embody new design and  manufacturing practices that reduce environmental impact and carbon footprint.  

ExpertBook B9 OLED (B9403CVA): Premium, ultralight business laptop for on-the-go executives 

With business executives traveling and shifting workplaces more than ever, ExpertBook B9 OLED is the  ultimate lightweight, premium solution for on the move executives. The device delivers premium quality  and design while remaining one of the lightest 14-inch business laptops in the world — lighter even than  many 13-inch laptops on the market. Made of premium magnesium-lithium alloy, the lightest metal alloy  

on the planet, its ultralight and durable design features key upgrades that make it the perfect travel  partner for the elite business executive. 

While lightweight, ExpertBook B9 OLED still packs in the top-notch performance, security and durability  features that executives have come to expect. Whether reviewing reports or creating infographics for  business proposals, ExpertBook B9 OLED is the ultimate business laptop. Complete with the latest 13th  Generation Intel® CorevPro® processor and up to 64 GB of memory, plus a smart-cooling system to  increase performance by 36%, ExpertBook B9 OLED provides quick and responsive computing  performance with enterprise-grade manageability. Windows 11 Pro and multiple layers of security  including optional TPM 2.0 keep data secure and protect privacy. 

The improved webcam, speaker and microphone array enable high-quality video calls; and the OLED  display with 16:10 aspect ratio and 90% screen-to-body ratio provides vivid color, low blue-light emissions  and an immersive visual experience. US MIL-STD-810H and ASUS durability tested, ExpertBook B9  OLED provides business executives with the leading advantage when it comes to on-the-go computing.  It’s also loaded with little extras to boost every user experiences, including a touchpad that’s 26.8%  bigger than before — enhancing both navigation and control. 

And as with all ASUS solutions announced at CES 2023, ExpertBook B9 OLED was designed with  sustainability at the forefront. The manufacturing process not only creates increased rigidity, but also  reduces material waste by 29% and production time by up to 75%1to maximize energy efficiency and  further reduce environmental impact. With the efforts of environmentally friendly materials and increased  energy efficiency among others, the device is expected to be EPEAT Gold verified and exceeds ENERGY  STAR® standards.

ASUS BR1102 series (BR1102C and BR1102F): Reliable education laptops for blended learning 

Students rely on durable yet flexible laptops to stay productive and succeed in today’s hybrid learning  environments. While on-the-go between home, school and after-school activities, ASUS BR1102, available in both traditional clamshell and 360° convertible forms, is a reliable companion for the modern  K-12 student. Its compact 11.6-inch rugged design fits in any backpack and can withstand drops, bumps  and everyday wear and tear. Passing military-grade testing for durability, BR1102 features a spill resistant keyboard, tamper- and scratch-resistant exterior, reinforced components, a wraparound rubber  bumper and an easy grip. 

Built to engage students wherever they’re learning, BR1102’s education-first features make remote  learning easy and fun. With a 12th Generation Intel Core processor and Windows 11 Education, up to  10 hours of battery life, high-speed connectivity, noise-reducing camera, webcam shield, and 13 MP  world-facing camera, students will be set up for success every day of the week. 

BR1102 is also built to last with a low-maintenance, sustainable design, minimizing troubleshooting and  administration for IT teams and maximizing environmental benefits. Uniform screws mean reduced part  loss and the modular design makes it flexible in various learning environments. Expandable dual storage  for large learning files, a TÜV-certified display, and long battery life ensure students stay connected and  in the know on their lessons throughout the day. And as an added benefit, the keyboard featuring ASUS  Antimicrobial Guard is verified by ISO standard to inhibit the growth of bacteria by over 99% over a 24- hour period, helping to keep laptop surfaces clean and sanitary. 

ASUS Computer International President Benjamin Yeh said: “ASUS is committed to driving progress  toward a more sustainable future and creating a net-zero enterprise by using our technological  leadership, data-driven rigor, and human-centered philosophy. With the new ExpertBook B9 OLED and  BR1102, business executives and students alike benefit from efficient energy usage that reduces their  carbon footprint. Beyond the product design, ASUS is also building these products sustainably, with  supply, manufacturing, and materials practices that move us closer to our sustainability goals in 2023 and  beyond.” 


Please stay tuned for more information regarding local availability and pricing in Malaysia.



ASUS Business CES 2023 Event Page: https://www.asus.com/us/event/business/ces

ASUS Business Site: https://www.asus.com/my/business 

Emerging Technologies and Trend Impact Radar: Environmental Sustainability by Gartner®: https://asus.click/sustainability-trends


About ASUS 

ASUS is a global technology leader that provides the world’s most innovative and intuitive devices,  components and solutions to deliver incredible experiences that enhance the lives of people everywhere.  With its team of 5,000 in-house R&D experts, ASUS is world-renowned for continuously reimagining  today’s technologies for tomorrow, garners more than 11 awards every day for quality, innovation and  design, and is ranked among Fortune’s World’s Most Admired Companies. 

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