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Omelet Gaming is pleased to announce today the unveilingof abrand new Crystalline Pro Series Wireless Controller with multicoloured LEDfeaturewithbroad compatibility will be available for purchase online and in-store at your nearest gameshop starting August 2022. This wireless controller is exclusively sold by Omelet Gamingandmore gaming accessories will be coming soon. 

The Crystalline Pro Series is well-known by its simple, yet bold transparent design that easilydifferentiated with most wireless controller in the market. It comes with intense adjustableLED lighting mode and a comfortable ergonomic design. It is also suitable for bothsingleplayer and multiplayer use. 

The Crystalline Pro Series comes with affordable price at USD 29.90 OR SGD 39.90, with1year supplier warranty. It offers in a range of colour variety including: White Jade, BlackPearl, and Crystal.



Enhanced Customizable Gaming Feature 

Crystalline Pro Series did an outstanding job developing better gaming experiencewithfeatures of turbo & awake function, dual adjustable vibration, programmable buttons, andpro back buttons. Now, gamers can do one button press for repeated amount of actionwithturbo function. Also, Crystalline Pro Series comes with responsive programmable buttons thatoffer players absolute control for all games and players can adjust the level of vibrationtotheir liking too. Moreover, the controller comes with pro back buttons design toelevateplayer’s competitive play. 

About Omelet Gaming 

2022 marks the beginning of Omelet Gaming’s journey. By building our brand aroundthedishomelet,we hope to convey a brand image that inspires limitless creativity and fun. By conveyingthis image, we hope to kindle the joy and childlikeness of each and every one of our customerson their gaming journey. 

E-commerce store:shopee.com.my/omeletgaming_os

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