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Content Warning, a new cooperative horror game has taken the internet by storm, having broken over 200,000 players since its launch on April 1st.

Content Warning

As of this writing, SteamDB reports the game at over 56,000 players.

Part of the game’s success was driven by its unique strategy- the game was free for the first 24 hours, with anyone being able to claim the game to own permanently as long as they had a Steam account.

From there, it spread via word-of-mouth, with the game trending on Twitter as people discussing it.

About Content Warning

Similar to titles like Lethal Company and Phasmophobia, Content Warning has you playing as “Spooktubers” looking to record their next viral hit- you’ll need to make sure to film as many scary things as possible in three days before retreating to your diving bell.

Successful runs get you currency to upgrade your gear, allowing you to take on even more runs.

One of its other unique features include an ASCII art face for your avatar- letting you make faces out of various symbols.

While there’s no official genre name for Phasmophobia-likes, it’s no surprise we’re seeing more of them- the genre lends itself well to casual play sessions, and the play-by-surprise mechanics also make it great content for streamers and YouTubers.

W. Amirul Adlan
Nmia Gaming – Editor W. Amirul Adlan