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Details on more paid additional content, including a new trailer covering all new content updates, have been released as well!


SINGAPORE – 24 March 2022 – BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Asia is pleased to announce that a free update is now available for Nintendo Switch™’s PUI PUI MOLCAR Lets! MOLCAR PARTY!. Adding to the excitement, Mol Soccer Online Lite – a freemium game allowing players to step into the thrilling world of Mol Soccer Online – has also been released, along with a trailer covering all new content updates!

Free Update Available! Mol Soccer Minigame Now Supports Online Play!


PUI PUI MOLCAR Lets! MOLCAR PARTY! Gets a Free Update!

Pile into the stadium, split into teams, and get ready for a heart-pounding soccer showdown – Molcar style! Link up with friends online, or even fierce competitors from across the country! Up to 3 players can take on a team of equal size in a heated Molcar clash!

What’s more, all-new game elements – effects, poses, and titles – are also available!


The F2P Mol Soccer Online Lite Offers a Taste of the Full Fun to Come!

Mol Soccer Online Lite, a free-to-play version of Mol Soccer Online, has also been released today. The Lite version comes with all-new aspects such as effects and poses, and even allows for players of the game’s full version to match with friends!  


For more details, visit our website here: https://bnent.asia/PPMCLMP

*Applying the new update requires an internet connection. To play “Mol Soccer Online” and “Mol Soccer Online Lite”, Internet connectivity and subscription to Nintendo Switch Online (paid service) are required.
*For more details, please refer to the linked official sources.
*Players can only store one file of Mol Soccer Online Lite save data on the game server at a time. Likewise, when carrying over Lite save data to the full version, only a single file can be applied.

*Do note that carrying over Mol Soccer Online Lite save data to the full version will result in any purchased Mol Soccer Online Lite content being carried over as well. As this same content is also purchasable in the full version, do ensure to avoid multiple purchases of identical items.

Features New to Mol Soccer Online

Effects, Poses, and Titles


Mol Soccer Online now has effects, poses, and titles! An effect is a super-cool aura surrounding your Molcar on the field, while poses allow you to strut your stuff before a match or after landing a goal. Meanwhile, titles are always displayed while a match is on-going. Try it out now, and go for something original!

New, Unique Accessories


Get ready for a slew of new accessories! Each is fun and unique, such as the Driver for DJ Molcar and Big Sushi Roll, to name a few.

*Some accessories may not be compatible with some Molcars.

Emerge Victorious Against Molcars from Across the Country to Raise Your “Skill”


Winning a Mol Soccer Online match boosts a parameter known as “skill.” Battle it out with Molcars from across the country, and up your skill to enable matching with tougher players!

New Trailer Covers All Content Updates

A trailer covering all new content updates is also out now! In addition to Mol Soccer Online, the trailer showcases Mol Soccer Online Lite, including new paid additional content and more. Check it out now!

Paid Additional Content “Soothing Ramen Set” Now Available!

This Paid Additional Content is a package that includes all-new accessories, as well as effects and poses that you can use in Mol Soccer Online. Buy this in either the full or Lite version of Mol Soccer Online and make your Molcars look snazzier than ever!

Paid Additional Content “Soothing Ramen Set”



· Scroll (pui pui molcar)
· Scroll (Team PUI)
· PUI PUI Election Car
· Ramen Set
· Triangular Roof
· Counter (Left)
· Counter (Right)
· Butt Lantern
· Mini Mecha Shark


· Carrot Set (Orange)
· Carrot Set (Gold)
· Diamond Dust

· Flapping


*Some accessories may not be compatible with some Molcars
*Use of this content requires that you have a Nintendo Switch™ system with access to the internet
*This content is only purchasable as a set. The items therein cannot be purchased individually.
*When purchasing Additional Content, please check and ensure that you avoid making multiple purchases of items that you already own.



Welcome to a brand-new town, Moltown! Only you and the Molcars can transform this barren burg into a bustling urban hub. And with that…let’s party!

With 10 exciting minigames, that is! What’s more, sharing Joy-Con™ controllers allows for up to 4 players at once.

Play alone or with friends—the wide world of Molcars beckons you!

For more information on PUI PUI MOLCAR Let’s! MOLCAR PARTY!  or other BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Asia products, please visit our website or follow us on FacebookInstagramTwitter, and YouTube


Title Information
Platform: Nintendo Switch ™
Release date: 16 December 2021
Number of players: 1 – 4
Genre: Party Game
Copyright: ©Tomoki Misato JGH, Shin-ei Animation / MOLCARS
©BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.


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