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Passion Republic has announced that the Gigabash Nemesis DLC will have two iconic Godzilla villains come to the kaiju fighting game.

The Gigabash Nemesis DLC, available now, will add King Ghidorah and Hedorah to the game to go up against the previously released Godzilla DLC.

Meet The Stars Of The Gigabash Nemesis DLC

Gigabash Nemesis DLC

King Ghidorah is arguably the most popular rival for the iconic radiated Godzilla, having also been featured in Godzilla: King of the Monsters.

He takes the form of a multi-headed dragon from space, and has battled Godzilla across multiple movies.

Gigabash Nemesis DLC

Meanwhile, Hedorah stands as a pick for the more niche Godzilla fans, being an allegory for pollution and smog.

“Bringing King Ghidorah and Hedorah into our game was a challenge. King Ghidorah’s multiple heads and tails posed a unique challenge, while Hedorah’s lesser-known status in the gaming world made it a special addition for die-hard fans,” shared Sern, producer of GigaBash.

“Despite the hurdles, the excitement from our community motivated us to bring these iconic kaijus to life. We hope fans will be pleasantly surprised by this release.”

The Gigabash Nemesis DLC has been an oasis for fans of tokusatsu- aside from its homages to Godzilla, the game has also featured crossover DLC with Ultraman.

W. Amirul Adlan
Nmia Gaming – Editor W. Amirul Adlan