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在 Epic Games Store 購買 Goat Simulator 3 及早解鎖 Fortnite「A Goat」服裝

Coffee Stain Publishing、Coffee Stain North 及 Epic Games 宣佈羊群即將入侵《Fortnite》。 


在全新預告片中觀看《Goat Simulator 3》主角 Pilgor 如何準備在《Fortnite》首度亮相。 

《Goat Simulator 3》將於2022年11月17日發售,但全球山羊愛好者可以率先在《Fortnite》「羊亂」一番。由即日起至2023年9月29日11:59 pm ET,在 Epic Games Store 上購買《Goat Simulator 3》任何版本的玩家將獲得《Fortnite》「A Goat」服裝。


已購買《Goat Simulator 3》的玩家現已可使用同一 Epic Games 帳號登入《Fortnite》並在遊戲內儲物櫃找到「A Goat」服裝。此外,由2022年11月26日起,其他《Fortnite》玩家亦可於遊戲內道具商店購買「A Goat」服裝。


Coffee Stain North 美術總監 Elin Hamberg 說:「現在大家都知道《Goat Simulator 3》的 Pilgor 在《Fortnite》裡長得不太一樣,我們極具標誌性的超現實主義根本不適合《Fortnite》這種陽光燦爛的遊戲。Pilgor 將於《Fortnite》改頭換面,變成一個改壞名、穿上布娃娃印花短上衣的人羊混合體。要是你渴求這樣的生活,去吧,我們沒有意見。」

《Fortnite》支援 PlayStation 5、PlayStation 4、Xbox Series X/S、Xbox One、Nintendo Switch、Android 及 PC 版本。另外,玩家可透過 Xbox Cloud Gaming 或 NVIDIA GeForce NOW 雲端服務在多種裝置(包括 Android 手機、Android 平板電腦、iPhone、iPad 等等)上遊玩《Fortnite》。

請前往 Goat Simulator 3 官方網站查看更多羊情。

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About Goat Simulator

Goat Simulator 3 is a direct sequel to Goat Simulator, a silly game that started life as an April Fool’s joke born out of a game jam. In 2014, Goat Simulator became a true goat simulation sensation, selling millions of units across consoles and PC, as well as ‘earning’ ports to Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android, and most-recently Apple Arcade. 


Goat Simulator 3 builds on everything fans of the first game loved, raising the baa to brand new heights (sometimes literally). Goat Simulator 3 is coming to PC exclusively on the Epic Games Store, as well as Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5 on 17th November 2022. 


About Coffee Stain

Coffee Stain is a game developer, publisher and investor with offices in Skövde, Stockholm, Malmö, Trollhättan and Gothenburg. Founded in 2010, Coffee Stain is responsible for Goat Simulator, the Sanctum Games, A Story About My Uncle, Huntdown, and Satisfactory, currently in Early Access. Coffee Stain is also the publisher of popular games such as Deep Rock Galactic, Valheim, Songs of Conquest, and Midnight Ghost Hunt, made by external developers. To support diversity in the industry, Coffee Stain launched Leveling the Playing Field (LTPF) which offers funding to smaller and start-up development teams where at least half of employees are underrepresented minorities. 


To find out more about partnerships and opportunities with Coffee Stain, visit the official website or follow Coffee Stain on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.


About Coffee Stain North

Coffee Stain North have their offices in Stockholm and is the team behind first-person platforming adventure A Story About My Uncle, and Goat Simulator DLC’s GoatZ & Waste of Space. Now, they are committed to delivering pure goat simulation to yet another generation of unsuspecting gamers. 


To find out more about Coffee Stain North and Goat Simulator 3, visit:


Website: www.goatsimulator3.com

Tiktok: https://www.tiktok.com/@goatsimulatorgame
Twitter: https://twitter.com/GoatSimulator
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GoatSimulator/ 


Twitter: https://twitter.com/CoffeeStainNrth  

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/CoffeeStainNorth


About Fortnite

With more than 400 million registered accounts worldwide, Fortnite is a place where you can create your own experiences or squad up in the iconic Battle Royale and action-packed Zero Build. Fortnite is an always evolving space where culture lives and players can create, watch and play alongside a global community with friends. Fortnite is available on PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, Android, PC, and cloud-based game streaming services. Learn more at www.fortnite.com.



PLAION is a leading independent developer and producer of games and entertainment products, with ten development studios and five publishing units based all over the world. Founded in 1994 as Koch Media, PLAION offers a unique breadth of services and solutions, dynamically growing its business to push ourselves and our partners to the forefront in all the segments we operate in.


PLAION runs a multi-label strategy, with fully owned publishing units, such as Deep Silver, Prime Matter, Milestone, Vertigo Games and Ravenscourt, publishing games for consoles, PC and VR platforms across all physical and digital channels.


Additionally – as a global publishing partner – PLAION has formed long-term multinational publishing collaborations with numerous game publishers including Activision Blizzard, Bethesda, Capcom, Focus Multimedia, Giants Software, Koei Tecmo, Paradox, Sega, SNK, Square Enix, Techland, THQ Nordic, Tripwire, Warner Bros and many others.


With its parent company in Höfen, Austria – and the HQ in Munich, Germany – PLAION owns local publishing companies in Germany, UK, France, Spain, Italy, Sweden, the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Australia, the United States as well as Japan and Hong Kong.


PLAION owns ten game development studios: Deep Silver Volition (Champaign, IL, USA), Deep Silver Dambuster Studios (Nottingham, UK), Fishlabs (Hamburg, DE), Warhorse Studios (Prague, CZ), Milestone (Milan, IT), Voxler (Paris, FR) , DigixArt (Montpellier, FR), Flying Wild Hog (Warsaw, Kraków, Rzeszów, PL), Free Radical Design (Nottingham, UK) and Vertigo Games (Rotterdam, Amsterdam, NL). Additionally, PLAION collaborates with numerous independent development studios around the world.


Part of PLAION is also PLAION PICTURES, a leading independent film distributor in Europe with a library of more than 1.400 titles. Further business operations include Sola Media, a sales agency and production company for family entertainment, Spotfilm Networx, a multi-channel streaming network, and a sub-label dedicated to Japanese animation.


PLAION also owns the leading video game merchandise company DPI Merchandising (Denver, Roseburg, USA and Munich, DE) and a Quality Assurance Facility in Olomouc, CZ.


PLAION is an Embracer Group company.


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