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Xbox has shown off four new titles coming to the ID@Xbox lineup, featuring games from across the region now in development.

These run the gamut from more casual games like the cozy Inkonbini to even more hardcore experiences like the intense metroidvania Fallen Tear: The Ascension

Fallen Tear The Ascension (Winter Crew)

This one’s for all the metroidvania lovers out there- Fallen Tear has you playing as Hira, as you fight a multitude of cool monsters with flashy attacks and even the ability to tag in your allies.

Where it snags you is with two different twists- the first is that the game itself is heavily inspired by JRPGs, incorporating systems like a stagger that allows you to open up bosses for even bigger damage. The second is a little more monstrous- Hira can also turn into a monster himself, gaining new tools and powerful attacks.

You’ll also be able to build relationships via the Fated Bonds system. This unlocks new skills for Hira by getting close to key NPCs in the world, ranging everything from combat buffs to even skills for better exploring the world.

Suffice to say, if you’ve been looking for a good 2D Metroidvania to make your heart sing songs smooth as silk, Fallen Tear The Ascension is worth keeping an eye on before it releases in 2025.

Brocula (Destroyer Doggo)

Capitalism and Vampires are two things you’d only loosely associate together, unless you were Destroyer Doggo.

Brocula sees you playing as a vampire with something far worse than a stake through his heart and garlic round his neck: Unpaid medical bills. As Brocula you’re now made to work odd jobs around the town, earning enough money to cover both your bills as well as re-buying your castle from the Town Mayor.

Similar to Stardew Valley, the game mixes farming sim with dungeon crawling, as you prowl the Everchanging Forest in search of valuable treasure while also remembering to sell your crops.

Brocula doesn’t have a release date just yet, but if cute vampire boys with crippling debt are things you’re into this is going to be one to watch.

Inkonbini: One Store, Many Stories (Nagai Industries)

Built out of a love for Japanese convenience stores and an appreciation for the little things in life, Inkonbini is a charming simulator that sees you working shifts at your aunt’s convenience store.

The game never asks anything too strenuous of you- you’re mostly just lining shelves to make them as aesthetically pleasing as possible,

Yet, where Nagai Industries directs your attention is to the stories instead- your choices in how you handle your shift can have an effect on customers lives, and the game relishes in just giving you a peek at the stories of different customers lives.

Inkonbini is set for a Q1 2025 release date, giving you plenty of time to tune into your inner convenience store worker.

Go Go Town (Prideful Sloth)

With an aesthetic reminiscent of children’s playsets, Go Go Town lets you and up to three others get to work building the perfect town. handling everything from terraforming to even automating production for extra prosperity in your town.

You’re not running this city on foot, however- the game also features a multitude of vehicles you can get into, as well as townspeople whose stories you can experience while you look to make your own cute little utopia.

Of course, there are pests and critters who’d see your vision ruined- thankfully, you and your friends can work together to drive them back.

Go Go Town is set to come out in 2024, and features only Couch Co-Op at launch with online co-op coming post-release.

W. Amirul Adlan
Nmia Gaming – Editor W. Amirul Adlan