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MSI is partnering with Mercedes for the MSI Stealth 18 AMG Edition, bringing all the aesthetic quality of a Mercedes sports car to the MSI quality you know and love.

The MSI Stealth 18 AMG Edition has all the sleekness you’d come to know and love of both brands- sporting a 19.98mm thin chassis as well emblazoned with both the MSI, AMG Motorsports and Mercedes logos in an elegant black.

On the inside it’s got a lot of typical MSI flourishes- I’m especially a fan of the glossy finish on the WASD keys, which do a great job of making it stand out compared to the other keys.

MSI Stealth 18 AMG

Lots Of Love For The MSI Stealth 18 AMG Edition

Getting to see the MSI Stealth 18 AMG Edtition in person at Computex 2024 is a sight to behold- the interior of the laptop is etched with the AMG Motorsport logo, looking like a flurry of cars driving by the laptop’s trackpad. Below the display is another Mercedes emblem, placed with all the simplicity set to make a motorsport fan’s heart flutter. Even the speakers are designed in AMG Motorsports’s own image- sure to make a die hard fan blush.

It especially looks good next to the model Mercedes AMG car- decked out with that all-too-familiar MSI Dragonshield on the hood of the car.

That’s not all, however- the result of MSI and Mercedes’ partnership includes a variety of Mercedes-themed extras, including postcards emblazoned with the visage of the Mercedes-AMG car included in the elegant black box. It’s not just trinkets though- from a Laptop sleeve to a mouse, all your commonplace computer needs are also given the Mercedes AMG treatment.

I’m personally a fan of the Laptop Sleeve myself- as someone who’s idolized racers for a good chunk of his life carrying around a sleeve like that with a Mercedes logo almost makes me feel like I’m Mika Hakkinen- and it’s a good way to keep your hands comfy if you’re carrying your laptop around too.

It’s not just a pretty face either- as an MSI Stealth laptop it sports the Intel Core Ultra 9 processor, alongside an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4080 GPU and 12GB of RAM for all your work and gaming needs. That’s a lot of power in a comparably light package, bolted to a 12-inch 4K LED monitor. It’s sports car-level quality, to say the least.

If you love fast cars and powerful laptops there’s no way you’re thinking of giving the MSI Stealth 18 AMG edition a miss- it’s the ultimate accessory for the racing fan in your life, even if it’s you.

W. Amirul Adlan
Nmia Gaming – Editor W. Amirul Adlan