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– Paid DLC “Episode of Rising Stars” will be released tomorrow, 31 March 2022

SINGAPORE – 30 March 2022 – BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Asia is pleased to announce the release of the “Hirano Middle School Story”, which comes as as a new route in Story Mode, as well as with the new mode, “Scramble Match” today for the PlayStation®4 / Nintendo Switch™’s Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions.

The paid downloadable content, “Episode of Rising Stars”, will be released tomorrow, 31 March 2022. New trailers introducing this added content, as well as a letter from the producer, have also been released. Check them out below!

■ Free update: New mode “Scramble Match”!

The new mode, “Scramble Match” has been released as free update today! Scramble Match is a new competitive mode where regular soccer matches have been spiced up by the introduction of various items. Using items will now make it easier to attack and leads to a greater chance of scoring goals.

A full list of the distinctive range of items available has been published on the game’s official homepage.

 Free update: New “Hirado Middle School Story” route within “Episode of New Hero”!

The “Hirano Middle School Story” is a new route in the Story Mode “Episode of New Hero”, where you will be playing as a new first year student. This has been released as a free update today!


“This will be the last pass I ever receive…”

As the dark horse from Nagasaki, Hirado Middle School has long proven a thorn in the side of Nankatsu Middle School.

Having grown through their matches against Nankatsu and affected by the retirements of Jito and the other third-years, Hirado has changed tack from their strategy of feigning weakness to a more straightforward style, where they are always playing to their full strength.

With Sano at the core of this new approach, the question that remains is how their newest player (your own character) can combine with him and contribute to Hirado’s success…

 New paid DLC: “Episode of Rising Stars”!

The newest paid DLC for the title, “Episode of Rising Stars”, will be released on Thursday, March 31st! “Episode of Rising Stars” is a story set in a hypothetical timeline midway through the Junior Youth World Challenge in the “Episode of New Hero” story, depicting what might have happened to the players behind the scenes.

This new story also contains three missions; clearing each mission unlocks the next part of the story, and eventually allows you to acquire new players with different ☆-level abilities.

The characters in focus during this newly released story are Hikaru Matsuyama, Taro Misaki, and Karl-Heinz Schneider – all of which have been given fascinating stories to play through. We hope fans of the game will try them all.

*In order to use this product, a retail version of the main game (sold separately) is required. If the latest patch needs to be applied, then the game should also be updated prior to use.
*DLC Character Scenarios 1 to 9 will be released sequentially. Stand by for future announcements.
*Content and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

 Trailers showcasing the new DLC and updates have been released, along with a letter from the producer!

New trailers have been released today, introducing the features of the new downloadable content and free updates, as well as a letter from the game’s producer.

Paid DLC and “Hirado Middle School Story” free update trailer

New Mode “Scramble Match” trailer

Producer’s letter

 Player survey out now!

A survey regarding the game is being conducted concurrently with this latest update. Your cooperation will help improve the gaming experience offered by the title. For more information, visithttps://emotiontech.net/uwo0RQEZ

 What is “Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions”?

As the first home console title in the “Captain Tsubasa” series for 10 years, “Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions” has been released on PlayStation®4 and Nintendo Switch™. It is the first soccer action game for home consoles in the “Captain Tsubasa” franchise, using anime-style visuals to depict the high-speed super plays unleashed by the players.

Apart from all of the teams and characters appearing in the “Captain Tsubasa” anime’s middle school story, the title also allows gamers to control popular international Junior Youth team players and unleash the spectacular action for which the series is famous.

Local competitive play supports matches between as many as four players. Hours of fun can be spent battling your family and friends. More details of the title will be released over the coming days, so please stay tuned!

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