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New paid additional content has also been released!


Bandai Namco Entertainment Asia is pleased to announce the launch of PUI PUI MOLCAR Let’s! MOLCAR PARTY!’s Battle Pass Season: “Veggie Cup”, which is included as part of bonus update content, “Mol Soccer Online”, and its basic free-to-play version, “Mol Soccer Online Lite”. Further, a new additional paid content, “Yum Yum Set”, has also been released.

Battle Pass Season: “Veggie Cup” has been released for “Mol Soccer Online” and “Mol Soccer Online Lite”!

Molcar soccer battles are about to get even more intense, as the Battle Pass Season: “Veggie Cup” is available now as an update! It will take place from Thursday, 18 August 2022 to Thursday, 15 December 2022 – so don’t miss out! For more Battle Pass details, visit: https://molcar-party.bn-ent.net/

*This site is provided in Japanese.


The Battle Pass system allows players to rise up the ranks by playing “Mol Soccer Online” or “Mol Soccer Online Lite” during a certain period in order to obtain a range of different rewards. These rewards include several accessories and titles which can only be acquired via the Battle Pass!

Players of the retail version of the game can even be matched with players of “Mol Soccer Online Lite”, so take this chance to set up interesting matches (up to 3 vs 3) with friends and family!

Two different types of Battle Pass that can be used during the season!


Free Pass

The “Free Pass” is available for all players to use at no cost, where titles and some accessories can be obtained!

Mol Pass

The “Mol Pass” is a paid pass that can be purchased from the Nintendo eShop.

Mol Pass holders can obtain rewards that come with the Free Pass and also obtain other rewards such as effects and appeal actions!


*An internet connection is required to apply the free update.  
*An internet connection and a subscription to Nintendo Switch Online (sold separately) is required to play “Mol Soccer Online” or “Mol Soccer Online Lite”.  
*Do note that save data from “Mol Soccer Online Lite” can only be uploaded once, and that it can be carried over to the full retail version once.  
*When save data is carried over from “Mol Soccer Online Lite” to the full retail version of the title, additional content that have already been purchased for “Mol Soccer Online Lite” will also be carried over. As the same content can be purchased in the retail version of the title, please ensure to avoid making multiple purchases of the same item.  
*Please refer to the official homepage for more details.  
*The maximum Battle Pass Level is Level 100. Please ensure to confirm your current level before purchasing Level Up items.  
*Battle Pass Level cannot be carried across to subsequent seasons.  
*Rewards are all in-game items rather than actual physical items.  
*Accessories cannot be equipped on some Molcars. 

Paid additional content “Yum Yum Set” available now!

The paid additional content, “Yum Yum Set”, contains new accessories as well as effects and appeal actions which can be customised for use in “Mol Soccer Online”. The content is now available for purchase in both “Mol Soccer Online” and “Mol Soccer Online Lite”, so have fun making your Molcars look even more stylish than ever!


Paid Additional Content

“Yum Yum Set”

[Set contents]

■ Accessories
· Scroll (Emotional)
· Scroll (Stan)
· Ice Cream Vendor
· Chimney
· Overflowing Ikura

■ Effects
· Cherry Blossom Set

■ Appeal Actions
· Ballerina


*Accessories cannot be equipped on some Molcars.
*An internet connection for the game system is required to use this content.

*The “
Roasted Sweet Potato” set is only available as a set. Individual items not sold separately.
*Please ensure that you do not purchase any additional content purchases multiple times.



 Welcome to a brand-new town, Moltown! Only you and the Molcars can transform this barren burg into a bustling urban hub. And with that…let’s party!

With 10 exciting minigames, that is! What’s more, sharing Joy-Con™ controllers allows for up to 4 players at once.

Play alone or with friends—the wide world of Molcars beckons you!

For more information on PUI PUI MOLCAR Let’s! MOLCAR PARTY! or other BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Asia products, please visit our website or follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube


Title Information
Platform: Nintendo Switch™
Release date: 16 December 2021
Number of players: 1 – 4
Genre: Party Game
Copyright: ©Tomoki Misato JGH, Shin-ei Animation / MOLCARS
©Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc.

©Tomoki Misato JGH, Shin-ei Animation / MOLCARS
©Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc.

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