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After so many rumours flying around lately, several Silent Hill titles have finally been confirmed by the KONAMI Livestream showcase this morning(Oct 20). Aside from the classic remake and completely new silent hill games, there is a silent hill movie coming as well. Based on what we know, there is a Silent Hill 2 remake, Silent Hill Townfall, Silent Hill f, Silent Hill Ascension, and lastly, Return to Silent Hill the movie.


Silent Hill 2 Remake

Art director of the classic Silent Hill 2 game Masahiro Ito, and audio composer Akira Yamaoka will take part in the development. While having the old crew on board, KONAMI will work with Bloober Team, having the creative director of “Medium”, Mateusz Lenart as the game director for this remake. A new music style and audio effect will be introduced, a better third-person camera system will be implemented for a better modern gaming experience.

Silent Hill 2 Remake for PS5 console exclusive for 12 months, then coming to PC.


Silent Hill Townfall

From the developer team who created “Observation”, this new title is developed by No Code and will be published by Annapurna Interactive, which previously published “Stray”. However, there isn’t much information about this title, and we could barely see a few silent hill-like scenes in the trailer below.


Silent Hill f

Next up, we have Silent Hill f, the game trailer shows a very different art style from previous Silent Hill titles. The story is set in 1960s Japan, a plot written by Ryukishi07. The game is currently under development.


Silent Hill Ascension

Developed by Genvid Entertainment, this is announced as a real-time interactive series game, which players will watch and make decisions together. Estimate release in 2023.


Return to Silent Hill

A brand new silent hill movie, Return to Silent Hill is currently under production, joined by the movie director from the previous Silent Hill (2006) movie, Christophe Gans. In the teaser trailer, Christophe mentioned the fans love the character design of the movie and confirmed the return of the famous Pyramid Head.


The Complete KONAMI Livestream:

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