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Work Out with Zumba® Burn It Up! 

SEGA has released a video on YouTube* – “How Many Kilos Can you Lose in  a Month”. The video features two participants who exercise with ZUMBA® Burn It Up! 新價格版 (Nintendo Switch™) over the span of a month. 

Zumba® is a global fitness program created from a fusion of fitness, entertainment, culture, and  many other elements. In ZUMBA® Burn It Up! up to four players can enjoy Zumba in three  different game modes. 

How Many Kilos Can You Lose in a Month?! 

Slim Down with Zumba®! 

*Footage is in Japanese with Traditional Chinese subtitles. 

Feeling a little out of shape and not quite sure what to do about it? We’ve all been there! The  video features a one-month experiment of a male and female participant playing Zumba® Burn It  Up! every day. 

Like a lot of people, the duo had trouble finding an adaptable workout that catered to them. With  Zumba® Burn It Up!, they quickly picked up the routines and learned to dance smoothly. 

Curious about the results at the end of the month? Watch the video to find out! Zumba® Burn It  Up! is a fun way to exercise at a pace that best fits you. Try it out for yourselves to work out and  dance in the way that suits you best!

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ZUMBA® Burn It Up! 新價格版

Release Date 

January 19, 2023 (Thu)


Nintendo Switch™




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