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SEGA is pleased to announce that the remastered edition of Atlus’ RPG, Persona 5  Royal (Playstation®5, Nintendo Switch™, Xbox Game Pass, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Steam) has  surpassed 1 million copies in sales as of 1st of December 2022. We would like to give our sincere thanks for  all of your support.  

*Total sum of physical versions shipped and digital versions sold. 

This title is a remaster of Persona 5 Royal, which was first released on the PlayStation®4 in 2019. In  addition to being supported on modern consoles, the remastered edition comes with 40 paid DLC from the  original game. 

With the combined sales of the original PS4 version and the remastered edition, Persona 5 Royal has sold  an astounding 3.3 million copies worldwide.  

Additionallyddition, as of November 30, 2022, the Persona 5 franchise* has sold a total of 8.3 million copies  worldwide with the entirety of the Persona franchise reaching a total of 16.8 million copies sold globally. 

*The Persona 5 franchise is comprised of the following:Persona 5 / Persona 5 Royal / Persona 5 Strikersl / Persona 5:  Dancing Star Night 

Thank you for your continued support of Persona 5 Royal and other SEGA/ATLUS titles.

A Brand-New Trailer, “Persona 5 Royal – Accolades Trailer”, is Now Available! 

To celebrate the remastered edition reaching the 1 million copy milestone in sales, an Accolades Trailer has  been released today. This trailer includes comments from various media outlets from across Europe and  North America on the critically acclaimed title Persona 5 Royal

Persona 5 Royal – Accolades Trailer: 

Persona 5 Royal Product Overview


Persona 5 Royal

Release Date 

October 21, 2022 


Xbox X/S, Xbox One, Xbox Game Pass, Windows 10/11,  PlayStation®5, Nintendo Switch™, Steam


Japanese/English Voiceover  

EFIGS, JP, KR, CN (Simplified, Traditional) 






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