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Today on Monday, October 3rd, Total Tank Generals, the World War II hex-based strategy wargame published by 505 Games and developed by Noobz From Poland, debuts a first-look at gameplay with the launch of a demo at Steam Next Fest on October 3-10. 2022. Play Total Tanks Generals for the first time ahead of the 2023 launch date when it comes to PC.


Emerge victorious in historical military campaigns led by past generals. Master turn-based tactics with innovative mechanics and layered, strategic gameplay all presented in an intuitive, clear interface built for newcomers and veterans alike. Position and maneuver units to conquer enemies, secure geographical advantages and execute an all-out assault. 


Total Tank Generals provides an immersive experience with an impeccable eye for historical accuracy.In this demo, take command and become the General in one of the most pivotal moments of 1940, the Battle of Arras. Test your mettle by grasping the reins of conflict and testing your strategic resolve by leading your army to a vital victory.


Total Tank Generals arrives on PC via Steam 2023. For more information, visit Total Tank Generals’ official website.



October 3 through October 10, 2022, 10am PST / 1pm EST / 6pm BST / 1am HKT / 2am JST



Total Tank Generals is available to wishlist on Steam. Play during October’s Steam Next Fest Oct. 3-10 ahead of Total Tanks General’s 2023 launch.


To give all players the opportunity to follow in the steps of historical military leaders in a tactical and historically accurate dive into humanity’s darkest hour.


Developer: Noobz From Poland

Publisher: 505 Games



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