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Crime Boss: Rockay City saw the largest spike in user growth since launch in the month of April 24, fuelled by continued updates, constant fan feedback, and swathes of new content. The latest updates to the heisting madness, include….

  • New progression system across both Single player and Multi player game modes. 
  • Players will be able to earn XP for completing missions and levelling up, with each level-up leading to new characters, weapons, weapon skins and perks.
  • New customisable loadouts based on what you unlock in the new progression system. Change your weapons, apply skins, adjust your perks to match your play style, apply equipment to increase the success rates of your heists. You can even change your boss screen as you raise your notoriety in the game.
  • New Missions – be sneaky or go all guns blazing in the new missions – Compound, Key Witness and High Security Robbery.
  • Sniper Rifles and a perks overhaul
  • New equipment – Extra bag, Cluster grenade, Turret – all available in the new progression system.

Evan 魚丸

Nmia Gaming – Editor Evan 魚丸