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The joy of PvE content is that the meta can stuff it. If you’re just playing with friends, any build is viable on one condition: Everyone vibes with their role.

With Deep Rock Galactic Physical Edition out now, a lot of people might be interested in the life of a space dwarf. If you and your friends are embracing this arduous and short (height-wise) life, But how do you know Deep Rock Galactic Classes is best for your friends? We’ve got you covered:


Deep Rock Galactic Classes

The Gunner is a primarily combat focused class, named after its big, well, gun. You’re playing an FPS where you just so happen to have a pickaxe, so its not surprising if most Gunner mains end up being people who’d rather go out and kill bugs rather than look for Fossils.

But wait, there’s more- the Gunners also possess the zipline, one of the most useful traversal tools in the game. Ore stuck in the ceiling and big ravines are no longer challenges once you can fly across gaps to get to them. As a result, Gunners tend to be the de facto leaders of squads. It’s your job to wrangle attention-deficit dwarves and point them where they need to go.


Deep Rock Galactic Classes

On the opposite end of the Deep Rock Galactic Classes is the Driller. This class is on the weirder end because it excels at digging. Your traversal tool is also your digging tool is also decent at melee, and your drill is the drill that will pierce the heavens. Absolutely nothing in the driller’s kit isn’t laughably dramatic- their primary gun is a flamethrower that can be swapped out for a cryo cannon or Neuortoxin, for crying out loud.

The Driller of your party is probably the most likely to go wandering off on their own, or even just be checking their phone mid-game. It’s a class that does pretty well solo and doesn’t have much to do to directly help the other classes other than digging big tunnels. That doesn’t mean its bad, but asking for the Driller’s help is more akin to “Can you help me get that thing” rather than “Can you get me to that thing”. If anything, Drillers are here to be babysat, not babysit. Are they good? Yes. Are they helpful? Driller-by-driller basis.


Deep Rock Galactic Classes

For some reason, there are people who think dwarves should be agile. We call these people Scout mains. Having more mobility than most Deep Rock Galactic classes thanks to their grappling hook and assault rifle, the Scout is the perfect class for people who want a more all-rounder approach to Deep Rock Galactic. They’ll always feel a little lacking, but everything’s an option- be it mining, killing or even looking for treasure.

In the friend group, Scouts are like that guy who plays Valorant but is willing to play a PVE shooter just to hang with the group. He’s probably going to bring up how this doesn’t feel as smooth as Overwatch, or be googling meta builds in a game where your rival is a space cockroach. But hey, he chose to play this with you guys, and that should count for something, right?


Deep Rock Galactic Classes

Every group has to have the mom friend. If not, someone who definitely wants to play the character of one. For them, that’s the Engineer. Being able to build platforms for dwarves who got stuck too high and even gun turrets to defend them when the bugs get too close.

In a group, the Engineer main is likely to be that friend who doesn’t really play shooters- putting down turrets to do the work for you is a good sell, and focusing more on building platforms and the like is a genuinely more pleasant alternative when it comes to the possibility you’ll need to fight monsters. Having the turrets not friendly fire is also a good way to have the game be low-stress- since you won’t suddenly be wracked with guilt if some unfortunate positioning wipes out your entire squad.

Pick The Most Fun Deep Rock Galactic Classes

Obviously, there’s no law saying this is how you have to play the games. You can easily mess around with all of the Deep Rock Galactic classes until you find the one that best gels with you, and you’ll probably have a lot of fun doing it.

But chances are if you’ve ever had a chaotic co-op session, you’ll probably know the exact archetypes being played to here. If you think your friendgroup beats the odds, now’s the perfect time to get into Deep Rock Galactic for yourselves- just remember that even if you don’t like one class, you can always find a better, non-scout dwarf to play as.

W. Amirul Adlan
Nmia Gaming – Editor W. Amirul Adlan